Current Symptoms, Self-Diagnosis and Current Treatment

My current symptoms are:

  • Knee pain during drumming, sometimes during long walks or standing.
  • Pain in my upper right forearm all the time, and it can be intensified with drumming.
  • I also have pain in my wrist.
  • My muscle are too tight especially my calf tenses up easily. Also my neck and shoulder are stiff.
  • The pain from my shoulder sometime spread to my forearm.
  • I have pain in my right elbow
  • I have pain in my right foot, middle section to the left right side
  • I have bad posture and round shoulders.
  • I sometimes get pain behind my right ear.
  • I get tired very often and become headaches.

Possible Causes:

Before I had pain in my right knee, I think I had pain in my right foot. So this could be the main cause, resulting in muscle tension causing pain in my knee. Because of my knee pain, I started to use my left leg for playing the base drum. Because of this I could not play the hi- hat paddle anymore. So I changed my playing style of my right arm to still get various sounds from the hi-hat. This could be a cause for tensioning up more and more in high tempos in my right arm during playing leading to pain in my right forearm and elbow. The elbow pain vanished after a time and I developed shoulder and neck problems. I think again my body adapted to the elbow problem tensioning other muscle groups, also my knee problem could cause other muscle groups to compensate resulting in an even more tension in various parts of my body and resulting in my neck and shoulder pain.

My Self-Diagnosis:

I think all my problems are caused by to tense muscle. These lead to bad posture and other habits. At the end I was just so tensed up during drumming making everything even worse. I just didn’t know how to relax.

The Problem is now my body identifies drumming with tensing up. Also my right forearm pain is constant and I think it is just pain memory of my brain.

The Funny Thing all Problems are mainly on the right side of my body which are used mainly during drumming. But now and then the exact same pain shows up in my left arm or knee. The pain in my left forearm even shows up doing just nothing, so for example sitting.

I started drumming again only slow and trying to relax as much as possible. Which results in times I can play totally normal without pain and then suddenly it returns.

So I think my brain is messing with me.  If these pains can just be turned on and off they must be intended by my brain. So I need to find out why my muscle get tensed up.

I know I am or was under a lot of stress. I worry too much about all kinds of things. I also like to finish tasks for example a presentation as fast as possible. Leading only to how much I need to do to finish it, seeing no progress or thinking it is just too much. Also there are still all these other tasks that I should do. Mostly resulting in a headache and not in productive work.

I also cannot relax or I didn’t want to. I did not take time really for myself. School University was always more important than having fun. My head is always racing constantly thinking about how to solve a problem for my study or what to do next… . Instead of just focusing on this moment right now right here.

So it looks like with all these stress I managed to destroy my body.


My Treatment:

I started watching lectures of a Buddhist, also reading some blogs and books to help clear the mind and don’t get stressed so fast and also just enjoy live more.

Also to relax I started doing Tai Chi, progressive muscle relaxation, Kiss and Smile and TRE.

I do a workout program and go swimming to work on my posture.

I also started drumming again. Only playing slow and focusing on technique and not tensioning up. If I do I stop for a moment try to relax.