Drumming, Pain Cause, Progress

Drumming + Pain Cause Prevention:

Feels amazing practicing every morning. Just starting with easy free play, getting the head free, relaxing. After a time I feel ready for some practice with the metronome. Doing some technique, accent and rudiment practices.

I noticed in my older videos, I bent my body forward. This bad posture put a lot of weight on my legs, making it harder to play the basedrum. So for every stroke I had to lift the leg + the extra weight of my body leaning forward.  Also my foot was rotated in relation to my knee, not being in line, causing more stress on the muscles. Another factor that did help I think is, that I changed my home working set up and lowered it all. Before when I was sitting at my desk, my feet were almost not touching the ground, putting a lot of stress on the muscles always working to keep the legs up.

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