Somatic Exercise, Pain Cause and Drumming



Doing Somatic Exercises. The Goal is to learn to relearn and use the full movement for example of the shoulder or hip. To relearn a relaxed rest position.

Information of a book of Thomas Hanna:

Chronical muscle tension don’t get released during sleep. They are also active during sleeping, so there is no relaxation. This is because the muscles got a false memory and think the tensed state is the normal relaxed state.

Also to tense muscles are always active and not relaxed muscles and consume a lot of Energy of the body. This can lead fast do tiredness.

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Knee Pain, Drumming, the One Thing

Knee pain:

Not so cool. After going for a little a 45 min bike ride at some medium speed after a work out. The pain in at my muscles on the right leg came back. The muscles then pull at my knee and cause pain at my knee. The main muscles involved are the left part of the quadriceps and also a muscle on the inside of the leg going to the knee pit. The pain feels like a pulling or sometimes stinging pain.

My best guess, the muscle was in a lot of stress after the work out and then going for a bike ride with maybe some bad position for my leg, gave the muscles the rest.

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New Routinte, Drumming, Seismologic Body Therapy and Thoughts

New Routine:

And again so much to do. As it looks all the pain comes from Muscle Tension and Bad Posture. So I am working on those both.

  • Doing balance training
  • stretches for my hip, forearm and chest
  • mobilization for my hip and chest
  • active going into max tension and slowly going into the relaxed state of the chest muscle
  • Massage for my feet and forearm
  • meditation

If I would need to choose only three, I would say doing the forearm stretches, a relaxing mediation and the chest muscle relaxation is the best to do.

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Changing Step by Step, Drumming, Alexander Technique

Step by Step instead of all at once:

As I mentioned before I am doing or always want to do everything at once. I want to build a house in one day just to see clear results. I stop most of the things because I see no results. Mabey because the only result I aspect is just being pain free, and all little successes get ignored immediately when some pain comes back. But who builds a house in one day. Just putting down one stone each day, every day. That’s easy everybody can do that, and after some time the house will be finished with no effort.

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