Somatic Exercise, Pain Cause and Drumming



Doing Somatic Exercises. The Goal is to learn to relearn and use the full movement for example of the shoulder or hip. To relearn a relaxed rest position.

Information of a book of Thomas Hanna:

Chronical muscle tension don’t get released during sleep. They are also active during sleeping, so there is no relaxation. This is because the muscles got a false memory and think the tensed state is the normal relaxed state.

Also to tense muscles are always active and not relaxed muscles and consume a lot of Energy of the body. This can lead fast do tiredness.

The muscles have memorized a wrong “relaxed” ground state. The problem now one to tense wrong used muscles causes to tense other muscles in the body, creating a chain reaction.

The goal is to sense the tense muscles again and bring it back to a relaxed ground state using somatic exercises.


Pain Causes and Realisation:

Working at a computer also a big factor for causing tension in my forearms. I now have a vertical mouse which relaxes my right arm. But my left arm tenses now up way faster. This might be, because the right arm is now in a more relaxed position and the left arm is more rotated with the palm facing down.

Also because I have pain in my left arm and I never overused my left arm during drumming, the main pain cause can also be from to tense position at the pc. This to tense states I then also have during drumming. Then the drumming cause’s extreme stress on the tense muscles leading to pain.

Also I have the habit to bring my right shoulder forward using the mouse. I also bring my upper body to much forward, when working longer or more focused. This causes tension in my shoulder and neck. Leading to even headaches.

My headaches can be triggerd from a big muscle besides the neck going to the shoulders. The pain goes up to my forehead. I also have a slightly dissy feeling coming with the headache. This comes from a muscle in the upper neck near the scull. This muscle plays a bigger role in the equilibrium system. If this muscle is to tense, it confuses the mind.

Standing I realized that my hip is pushed too far forward. No wonder my upper back is in a back lean, corresponding to the too forward standing hip. So bringing my hip back to form a line with the ankle and knees. What I already learned during my Alexander Lessons but I understand that now more and more.

What I also know, and should check again, is that I can trigger my knee pain from my buttocks.


What is the one thing to do, to play drums with more ease?

This is relaxing my arms, massaging them and stretching them. Doing this now daily. If I do one thing so it is only relaxing the arms. Also some light weight training with a dumbbell raising the wrist ( Step by Step the rest focus on my posture can come later some time. As always it is good to be mindful and spot too much tension. Lie typing at the pc and make adjustment if possible or take breaks to loosen the tension.

Like I already noticed, the antagonists in the forearm to extend the fingers, also work all the time to stabilize the finger flexors.



The Pain comes and goes. But I enjoy myself.

Sitting position so that there is in the heel up position slightly an angle over 90°. Also I need to watch more on my knee not letting it fall in during my playing and movement around the drums. Also a good training is to move around the kit, switching to german, amarican or frech grip, using the technique that fits the situation the best. Focused playing only using the wrist and not too much arms, to create a more relaxed playing style. This is hard for me because I quickly fall back into my energetic entire body movements.


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