Pain Causes, Thoughts on Chronic Pain


I am noticing very well, when my body is tensening. So my shoulders and neck get often tense during my work at the university. But also sometimes just standing or walking up. So there must be some subconscious triggerment.


After climbing last week I did a dynamic jumping training. Jumping to the next hold. There were no problems for my arm. So why there are situations my arms tense up and others they feel great.

Pain Cause analysis:

I am repeating myself but the only symptoms I have are to tense muscles. The Cause is the question. Yeah posture is not always perfect but I have observed others people closely the last weeks. Their posture is even worse most of the time. So posture is not really the main cause. Something in my must make my muscles or maybe just the fasciae to tense. Then the combination of bad posture, which causes a more stress on the muscles and on other muscles then usually. Now adding the much too much tense state of the muscle in “rest” is going to fuck the muscle up real bad.

Knee pain and pain feeling:

So my knee got better and I went for a bike ride again and the pain came back. So bike riding is at the moment a bad trigger. Causing pain on the inside of the upper leg.

So one thing I noticed is, that a few weeks ago riding the bike was no problem. The only main difference is that I stopped doing squats and some other leg exercises. So I am going to put those back into my exercise routine. What I also noticed is that it seems my right leg is falling more in then my left, which is bad. And Causes too much stress on the muscles.

The pain I feel mostly is like a pulling feeling in the muscle or an area feels like a second skin that is just pulled very tight around the muscles. I think these feeling is the fascia muscles being tensed around the muscles.

Thoughts on Chronic Pain:

Chronic Pain is a mostly pain with no real pain cause. The mind is the main source for pain creation and can put a lot of imagination and thoughts in this. So fear of pain, feeling held back, because activities causing pain. Stress and fear are some main factors. Also chronic pain becomes fast a vicious cycle only creating a life around the pain and thinking what could be if…. . I am always thinking what if I could play drums again without pain. Or playing as I want to.

That’s holding me back. Instead what happens if the pain doesn’t return, then it’s great. So best is just to play what I can play. It’s bullshit to always saying I can’t play drums. Because I CAN.

So like I said there are those rare moments where there is no pain. Which means when there are moment with no pain, that there most likely is no pain. Just some subconscious patterns, fear stress, causing the source to tense muscles to create pain. So I am creating and creating my pain. Keeping me away from what I love drumming, causing more pain…. .

Bu I said this is not keeping me from drumming. I have to accept my state and live my life doing the best I can with my abilities.



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