Knee Pain, Drumming, the One Thing

Knee pain:

Not so cool. After going for a little a 45 min bike ride at some medium speed after a work out. The pain in at my muscles on the right leg came back. The muscles then pull at my knee and cause pain at my knee. The main muscles involved are the left part of the quadriceps and also a muscle on the inside of the leg going to the knee pit. The pain feels like a pulling or sometimes stinging pain.

My best guess, the muscle was in a lot of stress after the work out and then going for a bike ride with maybe some bad position for my leg, gave the muscles the rest.


To get more into the drumming feel, I am playing some slow ballade, rock, hard rock songs. The last week I was more into practice, which caused some tensioning up.  I am still looking for a good balance of focused practice and havening fun.


What I noticed the last week my whole body felt pretty tense or put it this way, I could have done the trigger points and fascia release on my entire body.  Which takes a lot of time and makes no sense.

At the moment I am reading the book the One Thing. The goal is to find out what is the most important thing to do right know, to make everything easier or even unnecessary.

So for the entire body, the best one thing is doing meditation and relaxation. For my forearm it is massaging it and drumming itself is just having fun.



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