Drumming, Pain Cause, Progress

Drumming + Pain Cause Prevention:

Feels amazing practicing every morning. Just starting with easy free play, getting the head free, relaxing. After a time I feel ready for some practice with the metronome. Doing some technique, accent and rudiment practices.

I noticed in my older videos, I bent my body forward. This bad posture put a lot of weight on my legs, making it harder to play the basedrum. So for every stroke I had to lift the leg + the extra weight of my body leaning forward.  Also my foot was rotated in relation to my knee, not being in line, causing more stress on the muscles. Another factor that did help I think is, that I changed my home working set up and lowered it all. Before when I was sitting at my desk, my feet were almost not touching the ground, putting a lot of stress on the muscles always working to keep the legs up.

In my last drum lesson I talked with my teacher about finger technique. I realized that the most work is done only by the thumb and the forefinger, the rest of the fingers are more for support and control. With this knowledge the main stressed Finger is so the Forefinger in all Situations explaining the pain of this muscles in my forearm. So I am focusing now the massages more on the forefinger muscles. This Finger has a muscle separate of the other 3 Fingers.

Some drumming exercises:

  • Training 4 strokes finger technique only with thumb and forefinger, then with all fingers repeat.
  • Doing my drum circles with triplets (here 2 bars), sixteens, sextuplets and paradiddles.
  • Training the 5, 7 and 8 stroke roll first on the snare and then moved around the kit.
  • For playing the double stroke roll focus on doubles initialized from the fingers using the new practiced technique.


More Progress:

Yesterday I had another walking analyze. The last one was last year in July. The results were amazing. I am standing much better now, the back lean has significant gotten better.

While walking my left leg looks perfect, all the rotation of upper to lower leg is gone. On my right side I still have some work to do, the rotation of lower du upper leg is gone. But now I turn the whole leg while walking so my feet faces outward to the right while landing. Optimal the foot should be straight facing forward.

My feet are still flat feet, no improvement or worsening. But wearing the foot orthotics has no influence on improving the muscles in the feet.

The advice of the technician is:

I should keep doing what I am doing. This is balance training on one leg, stretching, meditation and working on my posture and posture awareness. Also walking barefoot and hitting the ground more with my entire foot than doing heel strikes. Something I could work on more is stabilizations for my hip.

Pain Causes:

Are the Antagonist the main cause?, so by my forearm not the finger extensors but the finger Flexors. Like my too tight chest muscle are responsible for my shoulder and back pain, by forcing the muscles in my shoulder to also work harder and not on their normal level.

The fasciae surrounds the muscles and also is only one fasciae for multiple muscles in the forearm. So if the fasciae gets tensed, it has an influence for all muscles included in this fascia. Fascia get tensed due to stress causing tension in the body.

Training and Exercise:

I like the idea of incorporating training and exercise more thru out the day. So instead of saying I need to do a 1 hour work out. It’s easier to do 20 minutes in the morning, do like 10 minutes after lunch and again some 20 minutes in the evening. Also like short circles doing on set of pushups or squats thru out the day to get energized. Also meditation on the train or doing balance exercises while waiting for the train or some hand stretching is a good time.

Combining tasks, watching a movie, also good for some massaging the forearm, or balance training exercises.



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