Drumming, Meditation, Seismologic Body Therapy


Playing Drums each morning. It feels great. It’s awesome just having fun.

I am also playing with my right leg again since like 3 Month not having really used it because of pain for over 4 years. So that’s awesome.

Drumming its self can be a form of meditation just getting lost in the music, no thinking about am I playing correct, how is my technique, what should I play next….

Meditation, Self-Awareness:

I notice more often, when my body is in a to tense state. In my Arm, neck, shoulder or even the legs when laying down. I noticed I am holding on with muscles not completely letting go. If I can I try to get into a less tense state. But also just being aware of it is a good step for me.

Had a good just Breathing Meditation today. If thought come, let them come don’t fall into them. My shoulders felt relaxed after it. When my body part relaxes I get like a bit cold flowing good feeling in the muscles.


So I noticed that most of the Tai-Chi Movements come from the hip, when the leg is moved, by letting go on the other side of the hip for an opening movement or turning into it. Before I initialized the movement from the leg and not from the hip.

Also it is bad to force a movement to go further, as the hips allow. This will only cause stress on the knee.

Seismologic Body Therapy:

Pain Causes:

My forearm pain comes mainly from the Fingerexternsor muscles. The Forefinger and the muscle group of the other 3 finger extensors are of the very tight. What I did not know, is that even I use in drumming mainly the finger flexors, the extensors have also work hard. Mainly my entire forearm is thigh. Why the pain only shows on the extensor muscles I don’t know.


  • Massaging the Muscles in my forearm with a small formroller to work the fasciae. For this the massage is done slowly, going like 5 mm for and so 2.5 mm back with high pressure.
  • Training with my handmaster plus to work the muscles
  • Stretching of the finger extensors actively. For this the stretch is done like for the wrist extensor but the fingers that are stretches press actively against the other hand. So the muscles get stretched while contracting







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