New Routinte, Drumming, Seismologic Body Therapy and Thoughts

New Routine:

And again so much to do. As it looks all the pain comes from Muscle Tension and Bad Posture. So I am working on those both.

  • Doing balance training
  • stretches for my hip, forearm and chest
  • mobilization for my hip and chest
  • active going into max tension and slowly going into the relaxed state of the chest muscle
  • Massage for my feet and forearm
  • meditation

If I would need to choose only three, I would say doing the forearm stretches, a relaxing mediation and the chest muscle relaxation is the best to do.


Relaxed relearn that pressing harder and using more tension is not equal to playing faster. But I am, was doing this pressing harder when playing faster. Playing drums should be easy, using gravity and rebound to play with minimal force and tension needed. The stick should be super loose. So there is some practice, better letting the stick fly out of the hands, then holding it too tight.

There is no optimal stick Grip position, the position switches depending on the positon of the drums. Hihat can be played well in German Grip, de Ride is easier in French.

I need to relearn the Basic movements and staying relaxed. Playing fingers in French minimal tension to keep the stick from falling and pulling with the Fingers at the easies point using rebound.

In push pull it is way easier to let the wrist drop and raise the arm then only raising the wrist, then letting the arm and wrist drop, pulling the stick with the fingers for a second hit, raising arm and dropping the wrist. Another way to play accented notes is using the rotation of the forearm.

Also the body works as one it is bad to try to exclude arm movement or so in slow playing. The Arm goes from the shoulder to the Wrist.

I am readjusting my drum set up. First seat height about 100 degree for the angels of the leg in heel up position. Sitting natural, the pedals go where the feet fall. The rest of the Kit gets set around it. Snare so high, that forearms are about parallel to the floor in a relaxed position.



Last climbing session was good. Did slow and steady climbing, going easier routes. I think at the moment it is best to stick with doing more easier routes than pushing in to the limit with only doing a few.

And again doing doing too much. This is all about drumming, but I have no time to drum. So something is going wrong here. So if I have to sacrifice time to drumming against exercises, then I do only the top 3 mentioned of the routine. It is far better to just have fun playing. There is no need for practicing something special. If while playing something comes up and I want to practice it that’s fine.

That’s also in combination, with the practice pressure, playing to fast I create too much tension. Also the fear of the pain creates tension.

That’s another part. Not accepting that this pain is a part of me. And saying I can do this finally again… if it is gone. But that is bullshit. Life is now. There is no need to wait. I can play drums, climb as I like not pushing to hart, but just enjoying myself. I can life now with my pain.  The chronic pain is also in enhanced by me by too much thinking or focusing about it.


Seismologic Body Therapy:

Pain Causes:

The Pain in my Forearm is Muscle related, it is not a Tennis Elbow, and the Pain would be at the tendon where my forearm muscle is connected to the elbow. The Muscle that is hurt, is the Muscle to raise the wrist.

My Shoulders are pulled down and forward, the forward pull is from my chest muscles and the down pull from the side connected to the ribs.

Exercises, Advices:

  • Doing some antagonist training, to train opening the the hand, finger extensors and training lowering the wrist.
  • Stretching the side of the body, f.e. laying on the ground than moving the legs to one side the upper body follows and then pulling with the other hand the arm, so there is an stretch in the side of the body.
  • Standing against a wall, like wall pushups and then doing like cat cow on the wall, not moving the arms
  • Correcting my posture using a mirror, alignment of ankle, knee, hip, shoulders and the point between the ears in the head.
  • No doing of strength training, just going climbing more often 2-3 times a week.
  • Doing yoga and Feldenkrais.




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