Seismologic Body Therapy and Thoughts

2 Week Challenge:

No optical improvement in the mirror. But I am more and more aware of my posture. Standing I notice that all my weight is on my heels and I am trying to correct it more often. Also every time I get by a mirror or if I think about it, I let go in my hips and bring my upper body more forward.

I also  included some more exercises. Laying on ma back with the lower leg on a chair, so there is a 90 degree angel between upper and lower leg, to relax the lower back. I do a hip stretch and the active chest muscle relaxation.

I am now starting doing and watching some more videos on shoulder and hip mobilization and opening and going to include the best exercises in my routine.


Seismologic Body Therapy:

Pain Causes:

  • My shoulders are pressed to far down
  • My wrist, especially the right one, is tilted to the forearm. During drumming and other activities, the middle finger should be in line with the forearm, to do movements like raising the wrist for a stroke during drumming. But my middle finger is tilted to the right. So every time I raise my wrist during drumming I use the wrong muscles to raise my wrist respectively the long muscle in my forearm to raise the wrist is used improperly and is put under a lot of stress.
  • Muscle Stiffness du to one-sided movement, wrong muscular stress and being under too much tension, while performing movements
  • If a muscle is in permanent contraction, the mind doesn’t notice it. If then the muscle gets released of tension and is used in its complete motion. The Movement can or will be painful. As a result the muscle wants to get back in his tension state with less pain. But the muscle needs to be reactivated and used in is full motion. Because a tense muscle causes other muscles in the body to also get stressed.


  • Watching other drum videos and analyze their wrist technique. Then trying various wrist positions and movements and finding the least painful or easiest going one.
  • Drawing a line from the forearm the middle finger. The line should always be straight during drumming, if I use the wrist upward motion with the wrist facing to the ceiling.
  • During drumming sitting as high, so that during heel up position the legs are about 100 degree angle.
  • I should do some fasciae Yoga. One exercise is the downward facing dog performed with the hands on a table. Then in the downward facing do position the knees are bend alternating, turning in the hips. Important the heels stay on the ground. So the movement is very restricted for me at the moment.
  • Stretching the chest, with a 90 degree angle between fore and upper arm at a wall or door frame, by turning the upper body away from the wall or door frame.
  • Massaging the forearm by using the opposite thumb and index finger. If there are triggerpoints they should be held. Also massaging my chest and the area around my knee.
  • Finding a good shoulder position. For this raising the shoulders as high as possible and then pressing them down as low as possible, both positions are wrong, a good one lies in between.
  • Laying on the back with feet embattled. Raising my shoulders only with my chest muscles, not pushing with my elbows in the floor. Fully raised, slowly relaxing the chest muscle and letting the shoulder sink to the floor more and more. During this the shoulder blade gets released. Letting the chest muscle think as much as possible to the floor and even further. At the end actively pressing the shoulder in t he floor.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation, first focusing on the breathing to get to 6 times per minute. For this count to 5 breath in, count to 5 breath out. After a while just let the breath flow with this tempo. Focus on the body, scanning the whole body with a “virtual camera” and zooming in on the body parts just noticing if the part is tense or relaxed, not changing anything just noticing. Then focus on the face and relax the face and the jaw. After a while go back to body scanning and notice without changing anything which parts are tense or relaxed.
  • Going swimming best is crawling.



  • So again so much things to do or try and I am getting fast lost in what I should do, what is really helping me.
  • Then I want to see fast results, which cannot happen because I want to correct my posture and habits that took years to get, and now they should be changed in weeks.
  • I am still wanting to much, getting better at climbing, doing harder workouts and so on, but this is all not my main goal. I should focus on my whole body and first comes posture and relaxation. So doing complete workouts is actually counterproductive only putting more stress on to tense muscles.
  • I need to get to a Step by Step program, but as I said I am quickly getting lost in all the things I should, or can do. Best would be doing nothing just relaxation…..

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