Posture Awarness day 1

Posture Fixing:

So here is a picture of my posture. Not so good, back lean in the upper buck, incorrect pelvis position and rounded shoulders.

2016-03-27 07.19.55

To correct it, it’s about letting go, then tension other muscles. So from my Alexander Technique lessons, letting go in the lower back, to bring the pelvis in the correct position. Bending forward with my upper body. This feels like falling over, but I am not. Bringing the shoulders back by letting go of the chest muscles. Also not locking the knees, so letting them bend.

Result, if I start fixing something else looking in the mirror the prior other fixed part mostly has fallen back in the bad habit. So let’s see how the next weeks go.

The Kiss and Smile exercise was kind of fun, playing with the speed performing it. Haven’t noticed any benefits of it yet.

Cold Showering:

I am also back to some additional cold showering after a warm shower, just going over my arms and legs. If feels good and I am warm afterwards.


Everybody needs a fuck it day, or the opportunity at least for one. For me playing too much PC games again. Then I stop for some weeks completely and fall back to playing too much. So better, just one day a week were I could play all day if I wanted. Than forcing myself to not play at all.


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