Changing Step by Step, Drumming, Alexander Technique

Step by Step instead of all at once:

As I mentioned before I am doing or always want to do everything at once. I want to build a house in one day just to see clear results. I stop most of the things because I see no results. Mabey because the only result I aspect is just being pain free, and all little successes get ignored immediately when some pain comes back. But who builds a house in one day. Just putting down one stone each day, every day. That’s easy everybody can do that, and after some time the house will be finished with no effort.

It’s also important to focus on one thing to change. Trying to change everything at once will also result in no result ^^. Changing my posture, becoming better at climbing, be more relaxed during drumming….. Also for the future for better practicing the drums. It is good to focus on one exercise and track the progress than trying to get better at doublebass, singles, doubles, learn more songs and so on… So just becoming 5 bpm faster at singles or so doing one exercise for this each day would be good.

Another bad habit multitasking. Its way more effective focusing on one task than on 500 at once. Somehow we think multitasking saves us time or we can do things more effective. But in the end we get stressed, forget what we actually wanted to do by doing something else.

So just do one thing but each day and directly after getting up. Also tracking progress is important. Doing the morning routine for a 2 weeks. If there is some progress and a positive effect I can continue doing the exercises. If the goal is reached or another goal comes more important I can change the exercises. Again doing them for 2 Weeks.

So for the next 2 weeks after getting up, I am correcting my posture with a mirror and doing the kiss and smile exercise afterwards. The progress will be updated. For the posture I am taking pictures tomorrow, in one week and week two final.  Bad would be if I also wanted to work on my multitasking problem on these two weeks so I am going to position it for the next change trial. How it would be with doing really as much as possible no multitasking for two weeks.


  • I showed my drum teacher the slow motion video of my foot techniques and it looks good. If I feel tense during playing then I need to learn to stay relax. By not going into painful movements, good warming up…
  • A good advice don’t think just let the body do what it needs to do during drumming. No thinking about how I should play this or that also not just being in the music not thinking of other things or what other might think about me during live performances…
  • Going back to relaxation, joy… instead of trying to play special things or songs with tension.
  • Doing some TRE again, mostly for my neck and arms.
  • I gave my right hand some more freedom and changed my wrist position more too American grip, feels better.
  • So motivated finally did a new Drum cover after over a year Nickelback – Edge of a Revolution – Drum Cover


Alexander Technique:

My last lesson for now, because I don’t feel that the main concept of the technique is going to help me. Some last advices of my teacher:

  • I should focus on finding the cause of my problems, than treating symptoms
  • A good tension during drumming is okay, but this tension should not be during resting
  • Keeping the neck loose, keeping the muscles “long” so they are relaxed
  • If I don’t know how to let go, it is good to actively tense up and then feel the relaxation just like progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Only I can loosen up the tensions in my body
  • Should focus on finding the causes for my constrained movement of rotating my forearm in and outwards using the elbow joint. Also the constrained movement of my neck to the side. I think it’s good to include some TRE again to release these tensions.

Why can’t I let go what are my muscles holding on to?

  • Something must be behind it, that my neck, shoulders arms are so tense
  • Some false posture habits?, memories?, feelings…?
  • In Tai Chi we practice the letting go. A partner takes over the movement of my arm. It means for me letting go of the arm, letting the movement be performed by the partner. This letting go off control is a problem for me. I want to be in control, everything should be planned. But that’s not life. There is no control over what might happen and things are going to go much unexpected. So adapting, accepting letting things be going with the flow of life that’s how it goes.

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