Fear, Pain, Exercise and Tai Chi

Fear and Pain:

Fear is dominating me, the fear of pain and this fear is one of the main sources for chronic pain. The fear of pain every time I start to drum. When is my arm, knee going to hurt again? And yes than most of the times the pain is going to come, because I am waiting for it or because I even expect it. But there are times when I just feel great.

I don’t know when I am ready to just accept the pain when it comes and have no fear of it. So if pain comes its fine, it’s okay. I already said it often but it’s hard to just accept the pain, not fighting it or wanting it to go away. If no pain comes during drumming even better.


Body, Pain Causes and Exercise:

  • I am going to let my drum teacher check my technique again tomorrow. Something with my movement or muscle usage must still be wrong. When I am playing faster I am switching to a push pull motion which causes very fast pain in my arm, besides the overall tensioning up in faster tempos.
  • I also got the tip to film my hand and foot technique with 60fps to analyze the movements even better in slow motion.
  • I think I am even using sometimes wrong muscles groups to fulfill the task or use more force, tension, than needed.
  • Treating my triggerpoints on my forearm
  • Bringing my shoulders back, by releasing the tension in the pectoralis minor. For this I bring the muscle in full contraction. Turning the shoulders up and inwards laying on my back only using the pectoralis minor. Then I release the tension bit for bit to teach the muscle to relax again.
  • The mentioned technique can be applied on various other muscles. It is hard at first to even find the muscle and then to go slowly from full contraction to relaxation. This is hard because the muscle has learned to only be in contraction all the time. So the muscle relaxes in a kind of stutter motion, not a continues the first times.


Tai Chi:

It’s all about letting go. No force is needed or unnecessary tension should be in the body.

During the Tai Chi Form, I have to look after my hip. In some Form Parts the hip should be facing in the same direction as my head. Also I am tensioning the region around my knee, of fear they could fall inward.

An Exercise:

Letting the arms swing, by rotating only in the hips. The arms are passive. A good stand is kept with letting go into the opposite foot of the turning direction.


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