Meditation, Exercise, Thoughts and Alexander Technique


Had a great Session this weekend outside, sun was shining. Yesterday the meditation also was very good, I could keep up a state of no mind, only feeling the body, being one for a longer period of time.

Something I include into my meditations session, is the sensation and feeling of being able to drum with perfect health and full ability. A method based on the book “You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter”. The main idea is, that the same thoughts, result in the same action, resulting in the same emotions and creating the same thoughts all over again. To change something new thoughts need to be created. My new sensation is I am able to play the drums with my full abilities. It is important to phrase the sensation in a state that is NOW. If I phrase it as something to happen in the future, it will always stay in the future and never be NOW.

Exercise and Pain Cause:

I go back to the roots as I remember, the first pain I experienced was in my feet. So I am again doing various feet strengthen exercise (Foot Strengthening) and feet massage with a tennis ball.


Thoughts and is it no use? :

Since I spend a lot of time getting back to drumming, I did and still trying a lot of methods, exercise and so on. The thoughts that always cross my mind are, is it all useful what I am doing, do I need to do all of it, am I doing too much. This wanting it too bad, and doing too much results only in too much stress again. By trying to do everything correct, standing, sitting correct. Thinking how to let got, instead of letting go. Thinking about how to meditate right, but there is no right, there is just a letting the mind be.

All these things I am doing and especially the meditations should be a good thing to release stress and tension, and not just another thing on the daily to do list to get over with. Even worth being stressed to do them every day.

Alexander Technique:

  • Standing:
    • Letting go of tension from feet to neck.
    • Not going back with the whole body but only lead by the pelvis, shifting the weight onto the heels
    • To balance the feet evenly, moving my upper body forward at a point in the back slightly above the pelvis for my feeling. Feeling like a contra motion of upper do lower body around the pelvis area.
    • Good for training is to look at the hem of the pants in a mirror, if it is in a straight line than I am more likely standing straight.
  • General:
    • There is no correct or perfect posture. By forcing or trying to get or maintain a „perfect “posture will results in unnecessary tension. There will always be a movement, an oscillation around a good posture.
    • Rotating the forearm and hand over the elbow joint. This movement is more limited if I have to hold the whole arm in the air. If the elbow is for example placed on the table and the upper arm is not involved I can do the movement further. So the tension is a result of the entire arm and may even more parts of the body.
    • Releasing tension in my leg results in less tension in my neck
    • So in general I need to let go of tension in my body. This cannot be done by will. Saying hey arm let go, will result in more tension. This is because the mind is now even more focused the tension and increases unnecessary memorized muscle tension. To let go is a feeling, feeling the muscle, feel it lengthen and widen and so releasing the tension.
    • Not that the body needs to have a good base tension. Just letting go of every muscle would result in a collapse. We need muscles in tension to keep us upright. But what I need to let go is the unnecessary tension

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