Alexander Technique, TRE, Pain, Meditation and Drumming

TRE, Pain, Mediation and Drumming:

Doing the TRE everyday it goes now always directly to my neck.

I am getting more and more convinced that my arm and leg pain gets triggered by the brain. Due to pain memory with tasks, or thinking about these tasks. Saw a movie this week deadpool (such a funny great kickass movie ^^) and can’t remember having any pain during the movie. Maybe it was because I was so focused on the movie, being in the moment not giving my brain the chance to say: “Hey you know you got some pain here and there”. During meditation I sometimes now practice drumming in my head. There than the arm pain also gets triggered very often.

Alexander Technique:

  • Practice and self-awareness is the main key
  • Sitting:
    • Keep the pelvis slightly bend forward to form an S in the back and prevent a round back while sitting.
  • Standing:
    • Going back with the pelvis, like getting in sitting position while standing. The weight of the body is now on the heels. To have an equal weight on the feet, I need to bring my upper body forward.
  • Keeping the neck loose
  • Only use and tense the muscles needed for the movement or task. If I feel there is unnecessary stress to muscles I should try to loosen it. By for example changing the posture.
  • Due to pain or fear of pain, the body does not want to do movements which could cause them. Only resulting in more problems in other parts of the body (relieving posture).
  • Drumming:
    • Good posture, with the correct sitting position
    • Loose arms, elbow slightly away from the body
    • Keeping the shoulders and neck loose.
  • Exercise with a chair:
    • Sitting on one chair, having another on in front
    • Putting the hands so that all fingers and the hand, expect the thumb, are on the backrest
    • The thumb is on the other side of the backrest facing the chest.
    • The elbows are bend sideways , about a half hand under the shoulders
    • The arms than will move the chair
    • The elbows stay during movement at the same position.
    • Next step leaning forward still sitting and moving the chair in front.
    • Next step standing up and moving the chair.
  • Interesting: when baby’s crawl, they have their head up. It is not in line with their back. But they there neck is loose. Somehow we forgot to keep our neck loose and started to tense up during movement.



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