Wim-Hof-Method, TRE, Meditation and a Buddhism Talk


I am stopping the 10 week programm. Maybe going to start all over if i feel like it. I am still continuing with the breathing and doing my own cold shower work out.

Yesterday I did like 4 times hot 4 times cold for 30 to 45 sec. The 3. time felt really cool. The skin felt like little needles where in many places but not in a painful way.

TRE and Meditation:

The TRE is know working hard on my neck releasing tension.

For my long meditation start I use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDZI-4udE_o its really great for me to relax and then continue with my free meditation.

Buddhism talk:

I watch a lot of Talks of Ajahn Brahm such a wise and funny teacher. Today I watched Dealing with Tiredness.

So a lot in the talk applies to me. I feel tired very often. I am thinking about what I could do, thinking about thinking too much. My mind is drifting away from the present moment. But actually live could be so simple if I would focus more on doing things than thinking about them. And just have some fun doing them. I am working on this for a few weeks now, but it is very hard to be in the present moment. To be right here not wanting to be someplace else, not thinking about something else. Enjoying the moment. It should be less doing and more feeling. Feeling the sun, the wind, smell the air, hear, taste the food and not doing 200 hundred things at once. An experience I also have, is being in the nature. The better the less people are there its awesome. Just walking or sitting in the nature. Having nothing to do but enjoying the landscape, sound, air… .  Also very good is if I feel stressed to just focus on the breath, focus on what I hear, how my feet touch the ground… .


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