TRE and Pain Causes

I did the TRE this morning and the trembling went more into my neck.  Neck felt relaxed after it.

One thing I noticed is my pain in my right elbow is becoming more constant. My theory I am reducing my tension in neck and shoulders and so the real reason for these tensions becomes revealed. I also remember, that because of my knee problem switching to my left knee on my base drum, I changed my right hand playing style on the hit hat.  Maybe this was also a cause for me tensioning up more and more trying to play tempos I couldn’t. The result was arm pain and elbow pain. This elbow pain is now coming back. After that the pain in my elbow got less and my shoulder and neck pain developed. So I think it got triggered by my elbow.

To my knee I remember having pain in my right foot a time before developing the knee pain. I still have this pain in my foot from time to time. I think this also could be the main cause for my knee pain.


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