Day 8 Week 4, TRE, Drumming


Did the cold shower in the evening, went for only cold and stayed for 3.5 min. I think I am going to do the alternating between warm and cold multiple times with longer than 1 min cold in between the next days. Still not feeling ready for the 10 min challenge.


Today I did my second TRE session. This time doing the exercises of the book “The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process”. The shaking went from my legs into my back making my entire body go from right to left. The shaking also went into my lower back and after some going back and forth between legs, and back to my shoulders and then my entire upper body shook in an uncontrollable way.  It was really fun.


Something crazy happend. I did a progressive muscle relaxation for my right arm, after tensioning up and letting go my wrist started to shake just like the TRE. So I let the shaking go thru my arm, going into my shoulder, elbow making all kind of crazy uncontrolled movements. After it my arm felt relaxed.

I also tried to sit better, by tilting the pelvis slightly forward. This results in a rise in the upper body. As from my Alexander Technique lessons it is to find the sweet spot between being too far back with the pelvis, resulting in a round back or to for tensed forward resulting in a hollow back. Perfect is a slight hollow back without tension.

During drumming I also tried to keep my shoulders relaxed I noticed that sometime I would start to tense them up, especially in faster tempos. I kept me elbows a little further away from my body giving me a more relaxed and free movement. I also focused on using my wrist and fingers and don’t play out of the forearm.

I managed to stay more relaxed during playing which I hadn’t experienced for a long time. Creating a pretty wide smile in my face. I went up to tempos of 140 and still could keep my relaxation. Sometimes I even struggle at 70 bpm creating too much tension in my forearm in the upstroke position.

I think a main factor for this sensation was the TRE in my forearm, also having a positive effect on my mind.


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