Day 7 Week 4 and Drumming

Actually today is the last day of week 4. I still did not do the 10 min cold shower challenge and I know next week it’s going to be 10 minutes every day. So maybe I am going to do the challenge the next days and see how it goes.

Had a cool drum lesson session today the 45 min passed so fast. We talked about my muscle tension holding the full stroke position. Holding this position should not be tense in the forearm. Some possible problems, going to high and holding the stick to tense with my fingers. So we started to play very sloppy let the arm totally loose. Then tighten the grip slightly more and keep that loose feeling and gain back more control over the stick. Also very important don’t force an exercise or try to play in a tempo you’re not ready for.  Another exercise we did was playing imaginary drums with the hands while standing.  Arms in front and elbows bent to the side. Doing normal strokes with the hands using the wrist in three types, hand total relaxed, hand half tensed, hand full tensed so all fingers are straight.

A good exercise to release tension in the back or shoulder is to breathe into tight spots and let them go with the exhale.


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