Alexander Technique

My new Exercises:

  • Sitting, writing and standing up
    • While writing taking pressure from the wrist, by not leaning so much forward and taking sitting more straight. The head position, tilting is free as long as the neck doesn’t falls forwards. The neck should be in line with the back.
    • Before standing up or sitting down. Focus on neck to be free, arms in front of the body. Only then do the movement. Muscles will be tense during the movement, but after it they should be loose again.
  • Shoulders
    • Roll the shoulders in a circular motion. Four times forward, then four times backward. After it only one shoulder each direction 4 times. Then simultaneously one shoulder forward and the other backward. Doing this for both directions per shoulder.
    • Lateral arm raises, with the hand leading the motion. At about abdominal region the hand will start to face forward. The motion should be slow and ends with arms over head. Then do the motion reversed back down.
  • Entire body
    • Laying down with bent legs and head on a book or other slightly enhancement. Hands are on the belly to relax the shoulders. Now going thru the entire body imagining the muscles to be long, or for the deeper muscle section to be wide. Because a relaxed muscle is longer than a tensed one.




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