Day 6 Week 4 and TRE

All exercises done in the Morning.

Retention:  1:27, 1:42, 1:55 inverted Rows: 20

Had a talk with another WIM-Hoffer today and got the suggestion to try TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises). It’s a method to release tension build by stress or traumatic events. I tried the technique on the fly, maybe going to by a book about it.  The goal is to release tension by letting the body shake. For this the leg muscles get stressed out with some physical exercises. Than laying down on the back feet touching and the knees up waiting for the legs to start shake. Then just let it happen, let the shaking sensation go to the parts of your body it wants to. Best is to just focus on the breath and don’t try to influence the shacking.  For a little more information check out this video Trauma Releasing Exercises or the website: TRE

So I tried it and felt okay, shaking mostly in the legs, moving short to my back and stomach. After it I took the cold shower and it felt more relaxed and easier than yesterday.


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