Day 2 Week 3 and Alexander Technique


I am really struggling with the breathing.  I am trying to get the optimum inhale and exhale. Only resulting in different breathing variations, with no results. My retentions dropped to last week and don’t increase during the rounds. This is because I don’t relax, focusing too much on how to breath, instead of the feeling it.

The good thing I felt awesome and warm after the cold shower. Even I didn’t feel like taking it today. I took a very very long extreme hot shower. And my mind didn’t want to take the cold shower afterwards. But I did it and just accepted the cold. Let it be, breath, smile.

The times 1:23, 1:43, 1:40, 1:43 pushups: 19

Alexander Technique:

Had my second lesson today. A list of all the things I learned:

  • Squats:
    • I need to keep my head in line with my spine, still tilting it backwards.
    • Knees should not fall inwards.
    • Arms in front, so my back doesn’t tense up.
  • Sitting:
    • Knees should be hip width apart, and not fall inward.
    • I need to find the correct balanced position between round and hollow back.
  • Standing:
    • To work against my flat feet, which cause my knees to fall inward, I need to rotate my knees slightly outwards and push my toes into the ground. The aim, only three parts of the feet should touch the ground, the heel, a section behind and slightly to the middle of the little toe and the big toe and parts behind it.
    • To be balanced all three points of the foot should be equally loaded.
    • Feet should be hip width apart.
    • My back is a hollow back as a result of too less tension. This is also bad, because too less tension in one part of the body will cause too much tension in another part. The body should always be in balance.
    • To correct it I should lean back, resulting in more weight on my heels. Then I should lean forward with my upper body, until the three points of my feet are equally weighted. The goal is to straighten my back, which is bringing my lower back more back and my upper body forward.
  • Exercise:
    • Put feet in correct position so only the three spots touch the ground. Can be easily practiced while waiting for the bus.
    • I should try to notice as often as possible, if posture or movement is incorrect and try to correct it. Even if I don’t think about it all day and I notice, I didn’t think about it, it is still a success. So maybe next time I will notice.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Week 3 and Alexander Technique

  1. Maybe it would be better if you focussed on one technique at a time? Alex T or Wim?
    I go through stages when I skip a day if not feeling good.
    I regularly hit 3 mins retention but that’s just being still
    I would be interested how long yours would be without push ups etc
    Good luck anyway!


    1. I dont think, both methods stand in the way of each the other. Both Methodes are something to do your entire life. I also do Tai Chi, there is nothing wrong with it. It all helps to learn and understand more of my body and mind.

      Do you mean, how long my last retention time would be without the push ups?


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