Day 5 Week 2, Drumming, Test, Exercise

WIM-Hof Method:

All exercises and breathing done in the morning.

The times 1:43, 1:57, 2:07 pushups: 26

Another breathing cycle in the afternoon. Had a great sensation, saw some purple, blue, red color mix which shaped into an eye, while focusing on the spot between my eyes.

I am still trying to find the right breathing for myself. Deep inhales followed by letting go of all tensions with the exhale. The breathing in should be faster than the exhale. Overall a complete breath cycle should not take too long to decrease C02 in the body.

I could not finish the cold shower exercise. The last one after a hot shower was not possible today, too much going on in my mind and so no focus.



Drummed a bit longer today. No pain. It always takes some time to get a relaxed state. Playing at slow tempo feels very good. But getting a little faster I easily start to tense up again. Something that I should train more is to lay my arm on a table or so with free wrist. So I can complete rest my arm on the table and don’t need to hold it but still can move my wrist and the stick. These relaxation feeling than needs to be transferred to my normal playing.



The blood test results for my thyroid, vitamin C, B1, B3, B5 -7, B9, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Ferritin came today. Everything is in order.


Stretching the pectoral muscle using a doorframe. Arms overhead with variation to 90 degree angle to stretch all parts of the muscle. Standing should be in step with and then lean forward with your hands on the door frame not moving with the body forward to stretch.  Doing this you should not stretch too hard, if there is a tingling in the arm or fingers a nerve gets irritated which is bad.


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