Day 6 Week 1 and Alexander Technique

Skipped the cold shower again, still not feeling better. Did 4 rounds of breathing today and felt the tingling sensation in my arms and face during retention.

Times of today: 1:55, 2:05, 2:11, 2:36

Did some short drumming slow and easy, was relaxed, felt good.

Alexander Technique Lesson:

Today I had my first Alexander Technique Lesson. The all-time goal is to notice my wrong movements or behavior before it happens. Then I should either do them correctly, like getting up from or chair or don’t do them at all like tensioning up during drumming.

To achieve this it is a long way to go. I need to become self-aware of what I am doing. How do I stand or get up from a chair.  Try it for yourself, get up from a chair and tell me what your body did during it. I am curtain just like me you don’t know you just do it.

Letting go:

We did some exercise in which I should let go of my neck, while the teacher performed some movements. We noticed if I think my neck would tense up. So to let go it is all about the feeling no thinking about letting go. This can be achieved by feeling the movements or focusing on hearing or on the breath.

So if I didn’t think the letting go part worked really well. In Tai Chi we also do the training of letting go, so I already had some experience.

Overall it is very important to not force your body in the correct position by tensioning up even more. All muscles should be as relaxed as possible.

The correct head position during getting up or sitting down:

It is important that the head is in alignment with spine.  So during the entire movement the back is straight, this will be possible by using the hip. This will result in looking downward at a certain point if you stand up. If you look at the same spot while sitting down or getting up, your neck will be out of position to the rest of the spine.

Correct sitting position:

To get the correct sitting position is not to try to sit to strait resulting in hollow back or to fall back into a rounded back. The correct position is just in between. The problem this position cannot be hold. If you force it, it will result in tensioning up. The goal is to always come back to this correct position and let it drift slightly away and get back to the correct position. If you can do this you become more and more aware of your movements and body.

More detections, result and practice:

We noticed, that my knees should be light bend and relaxed during standing. While getting up I always have my arms beside me. This results in a tension in my upper back. This can be solved by keeping my arms in front of me during this movements.

Neck and shoulders felt relaxed after the lesson.

Till my next lesson I should start to try to become more aware of my movements and body. How do I move is there any unnecessary tension which I can let go of…


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