Alexander Technique

I like to give you a short overview of the Alexander Technique:

Mainly the Alexander Technique is used to be aware of unnecessary tension in the body and prevent it. For example wrong posture causing stress on our body. But also situations your body tenses up und you don’t notice it for example during fear or making a public speech.

The technique will teach you how to be aware of these unnecessary tensions to change your bad habits, during sitting, standing or during activities like playing an instrument. It will also teach you to improve the balance of your body and breathe more freely.

Therefore the Alexander Technique is used to relief musculoskeletal pain especially neck, back and joint pain. Moreover it will help you relief stress, because you will be able to respond to any situation with less tension. This will be a key factor for many people like me to break the vicious cycle of pain creating more tension resulting in more pain.


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