Day 3 Week 1

Did all Exercises.

Retention time: 1:38, 2:02, 2:03

Still no boost from the second to the third round. During the breathing I sill focus t0o much on breathing to just letting it flow and let the body work.

Today I could not really relax during retention time. I was too much thinking. Mainly because of a video I watched yesterday on how to mediate and think less. Well it didn’t work. So I have to continue working on it until my payday arrives.  Want do know more here is the video : Ajahn Brahm – Methods of Relaxation


Today in Tai Chi class we focused on posture. I am leaning back to much with my upper body. The teacher softly pushed me in an upright position and it felt like falling forward. This weekend I have my first appointment with an Alexander Technique teacher where the main focus will be exactly on such bad posture habits.


4 thoughts on “Day 3 Week 1

  1. Not following the program – freestyle..
    Yes I will choose another physical exercise when I feel strong enough.
    I’m 74 with some health issues so must not push it too far
    I’ll get back to the cold stuff eventually too
    I’m a pretty calm guy anyway so can’t honestly say there’s a difference
    I take it you’re following the Facebook page?
    Good luck!


  2. I’ve been doing the breathing for a few months and am up to 3 minutes retention but do three rounds instead of four.
    One early problem was that because you get lightheaded it’s easy to forget how many breaths or how many rounds!
    I simply count it out by drumming my fingers 1 to 10 – four times and seem to remember that.
    I then do 20 minutes meditation.
    I do the breathing and the meditation in bed (no press ups because I have a dodgy back) and then a hot shower followed by a cold bath. But lately I’ve quit the bath because of illness and the back getting worse and don’t seem to have the resilience.
    Have I noticed any advantages over the months? Frankly no, except to raise the retention time which I hope is doing something beneficial for my system.


    1. Hey,
      Did you follow the program or did it just freestyle?
      I would say it is not important how many breath you take 30, 40 or you lose count. Because if you start to feel lightheaded you can take a few more breathe and then go into retention.

      Do you mean with press ups pushups? If so you can replace them with any other physical exercise you like. You could do squads, hold a plank…. .

      I would say the cold exposure is an important part for this method. It makes you be in the moment to focus to relax in the cold can be with it. But this is your body, if you don’t think this will help you it is fine. Just to meditate is very good.

      To the benefits, do you feel calmer in life? Don’t get angry or upset so fast? or just feel less stress, more energetic?

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