The WIM-HOF Method

The next weeks are going to be mainly about the WIM-Hof Method.

The Program is a combination of breathing, meditation, stretching, exercise and cold

I learned about this method from my former music teacher. His journey into the cold can be found here: Machinheads Blog.

I already did this method for a few weeks in freestyle mode but mostly skipped the cold exposure, due to sickness.

My first experiences:


I increased my retention time (breath holding after breathing cycles) from 1 min to 2 min in the last weeks.  It is very hard for me to focus only on the breathing and not let my mind drift off. But sometimes I manage to keep my focus on the breathing. At this state I am so focused on the breathing that the rest of my body begins to relax.

The first cold shower:

Fear! Turning the knob all the way to the cold and I usually shower extremely hot. The cold water hits me and my breath gets taken away. I start to hyperventilate. So I try breathing in and out easy. Just breathe and if you do it for the first time this isn’t easy. So I think I got really quick out of the shower and my body feeled warm. Yes warm.

Watch out, if you are afraid of the cold I noticed my body would not get warm afterward. It is very important to relax and just welcome the cold.


Now I finally purchased the full program and it’s time to turn it up a notch.

The first week is about 3 rounds of breathing exercise, followed by 5 exercises. I also should take a cold shower for about 30 seconds after a normal warm shower.

The goal for me with this method is to get more control over my body, relax and learn.


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