Day 7 Week 2

My retention times today were very low, caused by my hangover.  I noticed that my stomach is mostly very tight and it takes at least one breath cycle to take more relaxed inhales.

The times 1:09, 1:19, 1:14 pushups: 24

Last cold shower was really good, I just felt the water and relaxed.


Day 6 Week 2

All exercises and breathing done in the morning. I tried to let go with the exhale felt more relaxed.

The times 1:38, 2:05, 2:19 pushups: 23

Did another breathing cycle before my work out and did the cold shower exercise afterword. Today I could stay quit long in the cold shower, was focused. Also got a new feeling on my skin during the second cold shower, not sure what it is yet.

Day 5 Week 2, Drumming, Test, Exercise

WIM-Hof Method:

All exercises and breathing done in the morning.

The times 1:43, 1:57, 2:07 pushups: 26

Another breathing cycle in the afternoon. Had a great sensation, saw some purple, blue, red color mix which shaped into an eye, while focusing on the spot between my eyes.

I am still trying to find the right breathing for myself. Deep inhales followed by letting go of all tensions with the exhale. The breathing in should be faster than the exhale. Overall a complete breath cycle should not take too long to decrease C02 in the body.

I could not finish the cold shower exercise. The last one after a hot shower was not possible today, too much going on in my mind and so no focus.



Drummed a bit longer today. No pain. It always takes some time to get a relaxed state. Playing at slow tempo feels very good. But getting a little faster I easily start to tense up again. Something that I should train more is to lay my arm on a table or so with free wrist. So I can complete rest my arm on the table and don’t need to hold it but still can move my wrist and the stick. These relaxation feeling than needs to be transferred to my normal playing.



The blood test results for my thyroid, vitamin C, B1, B3, B5 -7, B9, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Ferritin came today. Everything is in order.


Stretching the pectoral muscle using a doorframe. Arms overhead with variation to 90 degree angle to stretch all parts of the muscle. Standing should be in step with and then lean forward with your hands on the door frame not moving with the body forward to stretch.  Doing this you should not stretch too hard, if there is a tingling in the arm or fingers a nerve gets irritated which is bad.

Day 4 Week 2

The cold shower get a bit easier but there is still some resistant to turn the knop to the cold. I manage to keep a relaxed breath from the beginning. Something strange happened today by switching from cold to hot water, the hot water felt very cold.

The times: 1:21, 1:57, 2:04 Pushups: 20

Day 3 Week 2 + Tai Chi


The breathing in the morning wasn’t so good. My nose was blocked. I usually suffer from a blocked nose in the morning and a dry throat. But the last days it was less, maybe another effect of the WIM-HOF Method.

Today’s cold shower exercise I pushed to do 2 min each round.

The times: 1:20, 1:38, 1:51 Pushups: 23


Tai Chi:

The Tai Chi class of today was very good, felt relaxed and at ease.

The letting go exercise went really well. I just focused on feeling and letting it happen. This resulted in a very relaxed feeling.

Improvements I need to make:

I need to work on is my stand during some Tai Chi forms. The peng left stand should be at least feet width apart and there is only a small distance between the back to the front foot. My stand was too wide. I am still struggling to not let my knees fall in, to keep a steady stand. The idea of riding a horse back should help to keep the knees wider apart. Also my knees should not be locked. They should be lightly bend and soft. If something is tense doing Tai Chi, you are doing it wrong. Everything should be loose and easy. My belly needs to be looser. This will also help me to overcome my hollow back.

Day 2 Week 2

The first breath cycle I took even to slow breath. Breath in after the pushups feels always great.

Today I got my new waterproof watch and so tracked the first time my cold showers. This week it is a combination of at least 30 sec cold with warm showers. I used the timer of the watch and the minimum is 1 min. I didn’t think could make it, the first time I looked at the watch and there were only 18 seconds left. I stayed in about 1:30. The last cold shower part I even managed 2 min.

The times: 1:47, 1:46, 2:07 Pushups: 18

Day 1 Week 2

Did one round in the morning with all exercise and my work out afterwards. I did not track anything. The cold shower felt great, but it’s always easier to take it after a workout.

Did a second round of breathing and pushup in the evening. This time I did more relaxed breath. Retention dropped but I felt more at ease. In on retention I had a great connection feeling my entire body. I also saw some colors on the inhale breath. I held it a bit longer than usual.

The times: 1:39, 1:42, 1:47, Pushups: 19

Day 7 Week 1

One Breathing round I did in the morning felt some tingling.

The times: 1:48, 2:03, 2:24,

Did a second round of breathing in the afternoon. Not tracking any times had a strong tingling feeling in my face, neck and arms. There was a moment where I felt really relaxed. Also included an exercise of next week. Doing pushups during retention. My baseline is 20. I also managed 20 pushups during retention so no boost. But I saw some colors on my breath in after the push up retention.

Took a cold shower for 30 sec than warm and afterwards again cold.

Day 6 Week 1 and Alexander Technique

Skipped the cold shower again, still not feeling better. Did 4 rounds of breathing today and felt the tingling sensation in my arms and face during retention.

Times of today: 1:55, 2:05, 2:11, 2:36

Did some short drumming slow and easy, was relaxed, felt good.

Alexander Technique Lesson:

Today I had my first Alexander Technique Lesson. The all-time goal is to notice my wrong movements or behavior before it happens. Then I should either do them correctly, like getting up from or chair or don’t do them at all like tensioning up during drumming.

To achieve this it is a long way to go. I need to become self-aware of what I am doing. How do I stand or get up from a chair.  Try it for yourself, get up from a chair and tell me what your body did during it. I am curtain just like me you don’t know you just do it.

Letting go:

We did some exercise in which I should let go of my neck, while the teacher performed some movements. We noticed if I think my neck would tense up. So to let go it is all about the feeling no thinking about letting go. This can be achieved by feeling the movements or focusing on hearing or on the breath.

So if I didn’t think the letting go part worked really well. In Tai Chi we also do the training of letting go, so I already had some experience.

Overall it is very important to not force your body in the correct position by tensioning up even more. All muscles should be as relaxed as possible.

The correct head position during getting up or sitting down:

It is important that the head is in alignment with spine.  So during the entire movement the back is straight, this will be possible by using the hip. This will result in looking downward at a certain point if you stand up. If you look at the same spot while sitting down or getting up, your neck will be out of position to the rest of the spine.

Correct sitting position:

To get the correct sitting position is not to try to sit to strait resulting in hollow back or to fall back into a rounded back. The correct position is just in between. The problem this position cannot be hold. If you force it, it will result in tensioning up. The goal is to always come back to this correct position and let it drift slightly away and get back to the correct position. If you can do this you become more and more aware of your movements and body.

More detections, result and practice:

We noticed, that my knees should be light bend and relaxed during standing. While getting up I always have my arms beside me. This results in a tension in my upper back. This can be solved by keeping my arms in front of me during this movements.

Neck and shoulders felt relaxed after the lesson.

Till my next lesson I should start to try to become more aware of my movements and body. How do I move is there any unnecessary tension which I can let go of…